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Seychelles Cruising Guide

Seychelles Cruising Guide
  • Auteur : Bruno Fazzini
  • 9788836100873

  • Isbn : 9788836100873
  • 2022
  • Conditionnement : Carton

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Description :

Seychelles Cruising Guide is the definitive pilot guide to the Seychelles archipelago, which lies in the west of the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles comprises 115 granitic and coral islands fringed by white sandy beaches lapped by crystal-clear waters, making it a tropical paradise with breathtaking anchorages. Its islands are also famed for their vast and unique variety of endemic flora and fauna, including numerous rare protected species

The guide’s introductory section provides useful general information on the islands, and also covers entry and cruising formalities, yacht facilities, climate and weather. Its cruising itineraries have been divided into two groups: Inner Islands and Outer Islands. Each is clearly presented and provides comprehensive pilotage notes on navigation, approaches, anchorages and harbours, plus weather notes on each location and site.

This pilot guide is designed for cruising yachtsmen but is ideal for anyone wishing to discover the archipelago, which boasts two UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Seychelles also attracts fishing enthusiasts and scuba-divers, who flock from all over the world to experience its sanctuaries and their natural wonders.


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