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The Gentleman's Guide to Passages South

The Gentleman's Guide to Passages South
  • Guide de navigation en anglais
  • Auteur : Van Sant Bruce
  • 9781470146962

  • Isbn : 9781470146962
  • 04/2012
  • Conditionnement : Carton

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Description :

The Gentleman's Guide to Passages South

Bruce van Sant

This guide is considered the 'Bible' by many cruising yachtsmen travelling between Florida and Venezuela. Includes many sketch charts and GPS coordinates, plus a wealth of information for the sailor who would rather take it slow and easy en route to paradise.

The Thornless Path to Windward authored by Mr. Bruce Van Sant is the tenth and last edition of the popular directions for sailing south to the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

For more than twenty years Van Sant repeatedly surveyed nearly 200 anchorages between Florida and South America. He racked up well over 80,000 sea miles doing it, mostly single-handed. Why? Youíll find some interesting answers in his book of stories, Margarita Cat, but essentially, he did it because he liked doing it.

Sailing up and down the chain of islands so much and so often, he got to looking for shorter and easier ways to navigate between each link in the chain, and he kept refining detailed nav plans for every leg.

He has systematically taken the thorns out of the route they used to call the Thorny Path. For example, he exploits the calming effects on wind and sea which result from land cooling on each side of an inter-island passage. Applying his many methods, both sail and power can make safe, comfortable and pleasant progress even against normally impenetrable trade winds and seas.

Passages South offers an illustrated manual of instruction for specific passages and harbors down islands as well as a cruising guide for the Greater Antilles islands of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. It has sailed aboard tens of thousands of boats passaging between the Americas. It should sail with you too.


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